TIM OPEN: the online marketplace for buying and selling business applications

Make cloud accessible to all, both for buying and selling software and professional services. It is with this in mind that Cloudesire developed a platform that is now at the service of TIM OPEN, the community of Italian developers. TIM OPEN allows developers to benefit from the network of services provided by the Italian telecommunication company and the Digital Store marketplace.

Move applications to the cloud is quick and easy

Nowadays, cloud is the standard technological infrastructure for the distribution of  any online service. However, when it comes to the sales and distribution process, the actual adoption of this model is still unknown to many software houses. Despite being drawn to the idea of selling their products on cloud, the investments needed to acquire the technological know-how still represent an entry barrier.

Benefits for vendors

To facilitate this process, Cloudesire allows software vendors to move their applications to the cloud quickly and easily, without any investment or change to the source code of their software.

In summary, Cloudesire is an “open” marketplace: software vendors can sell their applications  taking advantage of the SaaS pricing models (for example, subscription or consumption) and  enabling the cloud providers that they consider to be more appropriate for their software and their customers (such as the well-known Microsoft Azure, Softlayer, AWS, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, Oracle or the relevant Italian cloud provider Nuvola Italiana.)

The cloud business applications marketplace

The marketplace is a virtual “square” where the customers can compare, select and buy softwares to improve their work. Potential benefits of the applications range from cost reduction to performance increase.

How it works

The way in which it works is simple: like in any other e-commerce, the customer selects one or more products from the catalog or using the integrated search engine. In most cases -when the vendor enables this option-, he can try the application for a limited period of time and then proceed to the purchase paying by credit card or PayPal.

The vendor defines the price and the method of payment. Usually, they are in line with the typical SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing models and the application is provided as a service. The most common pricing models are subscription and consumption, however a combination of the two options is increasingly common. Moreover, vendors can sell extra services together with the application: setup fee, initial training or extra resources.

The vendor can also define the cloud providers on which the application will be installed. In this way, the customers will be able to choose their preferred cloud according to their needs in terms of price, service conditions, security level and performance.

Benefits for customers

The customers can compare different products and read customer ratings and reviews. Moreover, they can immediately start using the software they purchased, without installation costs and without the need to run a server: applications are automatically installed on the cloud in a few minutes and can all be launched from any web browser.

Finally, the customers will be able to access all their applications from a common dashboard: they will not need to remember a different username and password for each application.

TIM OPEN and the cloud

Cloudesire provides TIM OPEN with the technology that is necessary to make the Digital Store catalog “open”, so that developers can start selling their applications in a few hours.

Moreover, the developers are free to define the right pricing model for their application even if it is very complex for example, selling additional goods and/or services together with the applications.

The developers can also test the provisioning of their applications in the TIM cloud before selling them on the marketplace and monitor and update their applications.


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