Major italian start-up competition by Telecom Italia rewards ClouDesire, the cloud app store wishing to bring every software vendor in the cloud

ClouDesire is a cloud platform that offers a new innovative way to sell and distribute web applications as SaaS, finally enabling software vendors to fully exploit cloud benefits, smoothly and with no specific technical skills.

ClouDesire, indeed, anticipates and solves all the "going cloud" technological complexities, allowing its customers to focus on their core business and to take care only of what they do best: maximize products visibility and sales.

Thanks to the ClouDesire app store, the software houses are now able to sell and distribute their own applications in the cloud, within few minutes. The platform offers a set of tools to easily manage and control all the commercial and marketing activities essential for the business, avoiding costly investments in hardware infrastructure, training or demanding changes of software, business and management.

Today, ClouDesire wins the Working Capital 2013, the startup competition by Telecom Italia, which rewards innovation, ideas and talents in support of young enterprises.

The team, selected out of more than 2300 participants, gets an enterprise grant of 25,000€ which is taken as an important recognition for the hard work carried out during this first year of activity. Eddy Fioretti, co-founder and CEO of ClouDesire, says:

“We are thrilled to receive the award! We are young, but we bring with us a great experience. That’s what has allowed us, in just few months of activity, to achieve other important results which we are really proud of, as this one: the .itCup 2013 award, the selection for ITVF 2013 to be held in Turin on November 20, and the amazing launch of our Early Adopters campaign.

However, this is just a great start and gives us the energy to face with even more enthusiasm the challenging path we have ahead.

Our goal? Bring to the market the first, true, advanced platform for the cloud acceleration, that allows supply and demand to meet each other in a more smoothly way and offers innovation to its customers and convenience to all the involved actors.

We want to finally bring cloud in Italy! "

The awarding of prizes has taken place today, November 13rd, 2013, in Milan during the WCAP Awards 2013 Stay Funky! closing ceremony of the 2013 edition. On the stage, along with all the WCAP 2013 startups, there were the leading representatives of universities and research, institutions, enterprise.