A distributed architecture based on Docker containers to simplify the provisioning of software applications in the cloud

We are proud to bring our direct experience as one of the speakers at the Road to OpsCon, the first Italian OpenDay dedicated to Open Infrastructure, on Nov. 10th in Milan, at the Talent Garden.

The event is dedicated to the knowledge of open technologies and is intended to help those who manage a datacenter and need to offer services in the "cloud" to better understand which is the most suitable technological environment according to their needs.

Giovanni Toraldo, ClouDesire Lead Dev, is among the panelists to present the problems we faced in managing a distributed architecture based on Docker containers, with the help of Chef and Consul.

It represents a valuable opportunity to discuss our latest technological developments with experts and "gurus" in the industry and get their feedbacks:

  • The easy-onboarding of Docker containers: you can now define an application as a composition of one or more interconnected Docker images
  • The self-provisioning  of the above Docker containers on all the cloud providers supported by ClouDesire

We are eager to listen to your comments: come and have your say!