About us

Cloudesire was founded in 2013 by a team of Information Science and SaaS professionals with deep knowledge of Cloud Computing.

Cloudesire headquarter is located in Pisa (Italy). With three world-famous universities, CNR, and a long-term scientific tradition, Pisa is one of the most relevant technological hubs in Europe. In December 2015 Cloudesire raised € 600k – so far, the highest round led by TIM Ventures.

Our strength points

Open marketplace – Any Vendor can upload, provision, deploy its own applications with ease. Applying all the typical SaaS pricing models like subscription and consumption.
Easy Onboarding – All applications can be deployed and provisioned on the cloud. Without coding, in minutes, with any commercial arrangement.
Cloud agnostic – All clouds are available to vendors and customers: we enable the most famous Cloud Management Frameworks and public cloud providers.

Why us

Disrupt the inefficient, expensive, time-consuming methods used to shift from software to SaaS.

We are:

We are FAST: onboarding process has never been so easy. We can Saasify any app even if not cloud-ready, in just a few hours, without any coding skills.

We are RELIABLE: we deal with clouds since the beginning: that’s why we’re your best partner. And we are fully Docker compliant.

We are FLEXIBLE: the platform adapts to your needs. We enable ‘SaaSification’ and distribution of any kind of business app, no matter the web language. Across any cloud provider, with any commercial agreement.

We are AGNOSTIC: let your ecosystem choose its preferred cloud provider: any ISV and End User can now select the optimal cloud basing on geography, SLAs, performances, pricing.